Where it all started

This is a story of the coming together of four wise men and how they made no difference to the face of modern music as we know it, but to those who heard them thought they sounded quite good.

Back in the days of Bros and Bananarama two school friends vowed to keep guitar music alive and after finding fame in the classroom as people that could play a bit, Paul & Will formed a band called Trees of Wisdom. This band went through different members and names through it's shortish run, one of them being the introduction of fellow school friend James on the drums.

After they left school the band fizzled out, but the friendships and love for music did not. Will, whilst supposedly working as a waiter in a local hotel, spent most of his time talking and discussing music with his colleague Bryn. This was the start of the duo Soarbin's Retreat. It wasn't long before Will had roped in Paul and James and the band was up and wandering. Fame and fortune were way off in the distance of their imaginations and the joy of playing as a band was what drove them forward, along with the want of not having to stop and go to work, for the band to be the money maker.

This never happened and James left the band. With EP's such as Concussion Of The Prophet and Parachuting Monkey's having mediocre success with friends and family, the remaining members carried on, forming a new band with two new members called Ember. This came closer to the dream than the band expected, but this time was thwarted when Bryn came to the unexpected conclusion that the music industry was a sham, full of unnecessary pressures that he didn't need, so he left to roam the countryside...……. as a van driver. Ember continued for a short while, but without it's song writer it slowly but surely ground to a halt and the ride was over.

In 2010 Bryn got the urge to play and put out the call to the original Soarbin's members. They said yes and the fun bus was back rolling again. Realizing that Soarbin's Retreat was not a good name they changed it for something that linked with their past, Parachuting Monkey's. After playing pubs as a covers band, the desire to create took over and in 2014 the covers stopped and the material just kept coming and let's hope it still does, as it's not that bad.


Current band line-up