AMAC Live, Local, Lockdown kicked off on Tuesday 14th April via the wizardry of Facebook. Four fabulous artists from the borough of Ashford gave up 45 minutes of their time to keep music fans entertained during this time of lockdown.

The evening was curated by two of AMAC’s dynamic team (Stella and Bryn), whilst the third (Adam) kept the event running smoothly behind the scenes.

Firstly viewers were mesmerized by the folk, punk stylings of Lawrence Crow. Then the gentle serenading of Kelly Bourne. Charmed by the meek yet powerful performance by Xanthia Skye and finally some good old rock jamming from the boys of The Rec.

The event was, in our opinion a huge success with viewers liking and commenting though out the evening. It’s nice to attend a gig where the audience interaction does not involve vomit and someone being thrown out by a bouncer. Gigs on your sofa could be the way forward.

If you want to, or even know someone who wants to take part in a future Live, Local, Lockdown, please do not hesitate in contacting AMAC. As we are all ready getting ready for the next show.

Keep your eyes on our social media for the time and the date. Until then. Stay safe and we will rock live again.


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