AMAC Originals Presents The Mighty Pye At The Glass House Feb 15

It was the sentence, ”You don’t really see concept albums anymore do you?” on a warm summers day in an Ashford beer garden that started the cogs turning. “Lets do one” was the following sentence that cemented the idea. AMAC is delighted to introduce to you, The Mighty Pye and there work in progress album, “Rum Runners.” Loosely based on the tail of William McCoy a boat builder in 1920’s America, who fell into hard times due to the prohibition and financial climate of the time. McCoy became a smuggler to make ends meet, a Rum Runner. The six member strong outfit naturally has many different musical influences and to there credit have decided to use them all, from Rock, Indie Pop to Electronica. This 30 minute showcase of what they are attempting to create will surprise and delight.

Drums – Steve Peverley

Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals – Bryn Whiting

Rhythm Guitar – Adam Ingleton

Lead Guitar – Andy Dixon

Keyboards and Narration – Roger “Casio Kid” Maimi

Lead Vocals – Mark Hall

Find them on Facebook or better still, visit The Glass House 15th February and have a glass of rum.


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