AMAC's Fortnightly Five with local artist Debbie Hughes

This week for our Good Friday Fortnightly Five we spoke to a talented local artist, and huge inspiration, Debbie Hughes. Jim and I commissioned 2 pieces of art from Debbie last year and we were so pleased with what she created, they take pride of place on our living room wall! We also have mugs with Debbie’s art on, so to say we are fans is an understatement!

1. Tell us about yourself

2. Who are your inspirations or role models?

Hello, my name is Debbie Hughes, an Ashford girl born and bred. I’ve always been a creative girl loving art, drama, music, and singing, but sadly in 2015 I was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. After having all my breasts and lymph nodes removed, chemo and radio therapy, I began the journey to recover. In this recovery I found a renewed love for art and I discovered an artist named Alexa Bonavitacola… wow she was my inspiration to produce all my colourful pieces of art.

I haven’t looked back, viewing life with new eyes, and seeing the beautiful in the most mundane things we take for granted. I’m a survivor and long may that continue x

3. Tell us a funny story about yourself?

Having three children I once wore one brown and one black boot to walk the kids to school. One of the mums said, “I like your boots”. I looked down at one and thought thanks, but then I realised they were odd, ha! we still laugh now.

4. How can people buy your art?

You can contact me to discuss commissions or to ask about viewing any of my art I have on my page. Cups, ceramics, vases, prints etc can be seen on Facebook, look for Debbie Hughes artist. I also have an Instagram page debbiehughes- alcohol ink art.

5. How can people find out more about you?

Facebook -

Instagram -


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