AMAC's Fortnightly Five with local freelance artist and musician Laurence Crow

1. Tell us a little about what you do, how long you have been doing this and how you got started?

I'm Laurence, I work as a freelance artist and graphic designer, mainly within the music scene. I get to do a lot of stuff like album covers, gig posters and merch designs. I come from a background where art was very important, with both my parents being artists. I have also had a passion for music since a young age, so combining those two things really made a lot of sense. I was always drawn to albums that had cool artwork on the cover. Being able to do that myself is something I'll always be excited about being able to contribute.

2. Do you have any influences or role models?

There are a few artists that have really influenced my style of art. Dan Mumford is an amazing poster artist that has incredible use of tone and colour and details within his work. I'm also a big fan of Mark Bell, who works within the UK punk scene, and really helped to push my own art when I was first starting. I'll always be working hard to try to get my art looking as awesome as both of them.

3. What is your greatest or proudest achievement to date?

I got the chance to do this year's Cardiff International Tattoo convention's promotional work. They change up their style and theme each year with new artwork, and it was really awesome to be able to work on a design that represented a bunch of artists I respect. I've always been a big fan of tattoo style art and tattooists, so that was really exciting.

4. Tell us an interesting fact about yourself

When I first decided to start doing digital art about 5 years ago, I couldn't afford a drawing tablet or any of the things that people usually use to make art, so I was just using a free trial software and the finger tracking pad on my laptop! I was doing that for years before I managed to invest in better equipment! It took hours to do even something really small and simple! So, I guess, never let not being able to afford the best equipment put you off doing what you want to do.

5. How can people find out more about what you do?

I have Facebook ( and a website (,

I try and keep them both updated as much as possible.


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