AMAC's Fortnightly Five with multi-instrumentalist Matt Verrell

This week on AMAC's Fortnightly Five we had the pleasure of speaking to Matt Verrell, local musician, and member of grime punk band Riskee and the Ridicule.

1. Tell us a little about what you do, how long you have been doing this, and how you got started.

I'm Matt Verrell, drummer/studio bassist and keyboard player of the Ashford based grime punk band Riskee and the Ridicule. I've been drumming for 27 years and it was always my first love, ever since I started with a single snare drum before I could afford a full drum kit. I've been drumming for Riskee for ten years now, 3 albums and several EPs under our belts, no signs of stopping anytime soon.

2. Do you have any influences or role models?

Pop punk drummers still very much shape how I write and play music, people such as Travis Barker from Blink-182 and Tre Cool from Green Day. I also like to play what the song needs rather than over complicating anything, being put on the spot and playing whatever first comes into my head often works really well for me when writing or in the studio.

3. What’s your greatest or proudest achievement to date?

Probably our self funded tour of East Coast USA, from Philadelphia to Florida ending with an epic festival slot. The reception was amazing from start to finish and the memories will always be amongst some of the best highlights of my life so far. Touring is a massive part of what we do, and I love experiencing the venues and people we meet all over the world.

4. Tell us an interesting fact about yourself

I've been in bands since 2002, sometimes as a front man, sometimes playing guitar or bass. I don't know what I'd do if music wasn't in my life in some form or another. I dabbled in home production and live sound engineering a few years back, and absolutely revelled in it. I love to be involved in all aspects, I find it gives you a better knowledge and understanding of everything to do with being in a band.

5. How can people find out more about what you do?

You can find our music on all streaming services like Spotify, iTunes and Deezer. We're also on all social media so drop us a like and a follow to keep up to date with tours and new merchandise.


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