AMAC's Fortnightly Five with The Rec

This week we spoke to The Rec. These lads are an extremely talented and passionate local trio, who you will often see frequenting local festivals and music events.

1. Tell us a little about what you do, how long have you been doing this and how did you get started?

We are The Rec, an art-rock band formed in 2017 with a distinctly 70’s influence. We started out as a three-piece consisting of Scott Cale (lead vocals & keys), Lewis Cale (drums/backing vocals) and a friend from school who played guitar. Later, during our college years and after a few line-up changes here and there, guitarist Jacob Topman was welcomed into the fold and now here we are!

2. Do you have any influences or role models?

Scott: It’s got to be Queen for me, especially their early years back in the 70s, I love their multi-track harmonies and energy. The Beatles too, great song writing, memorable tunes. Got to give a mention to Focus as well. We were lucky enough to see them live in Canterbury a few years back and were blown away by the musicianship. Thijs van Leer is a wizard on that Hammond!

Jacob: Eric Johnson for sure, his precise intricate playing definitely inspires me a lot. I also very much enjoy Elliott Smith because of his emotive song writing and meaningful lyrics.

Lewis: Rush is one of my main influences because of the intricate and complexity of their playing which I find both interesting and fun to listen to and being a drummer/percussionist, I obviously hold Neil Peart in high regard as he is one of the best drummers of all time. A more modern influence is Greta Van Fleet, currently carrying the baton for rock n’ roll.

3. What would you say is your greatest or proudest achievement to date?

Our greatest and proudest achievements so far have been playing homegrown festivals such as Ashford Festival in the Park in front of a large local crowd. Also, we were proud to support Slam Cartel at the Booking Hall, Dover in 2019. Releasing our music to streaming platforms (Spotify, iTunes etc) was a major milestone.

4. Tell us an interesting fact or funny story

We would often bunk off the more boring lessons at Canterbury College to spend time in the music and record shops! Put yourself in our shoes, you’re in Canterbury and the choice is between writing an essay in a stuffy room, or playing new guitars/keyboards and having a rummage through large amounts of vinyl! How could we resist?!

5. How can people find out more about what you do?

You can find us on…



You Tube:


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