Friday 15th Feb, 7.30pm AT The Glass House. AMAC Originals Night.

Friday 15th February is the first AMAC Originals night. This would not be happening if it wasn’t for the kindness and possibly bravery of The Glass House. Most establishments would only ever dare have originals bands on a midweek slot, which inevitably leads to low attendance and then never doing originals nights again. Having a place to showcase material is so important to an originals band, for them to gather supporters and to just learn their craft. So now we have a venue that is willing to help the local talent, I ask, no implore you to join us on the 15th to help this venture grow for the bands and for the local music scene. The evening is a free event featuring four local bands who are playing for the love of what they do. More AMAC Original Nights are planned for the future so any artists solo, duo or bands who are willing to play for nothing but the chance to play their own songs only, please feel free to apply, all genres will be considered. For now we look forward to seeing you on Friday 15th February at The Glass House Ashford High Street kicking off at 7.30pm.


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