I Saw Fay Hallam.

On Saturday 30th March I put my hand in my pocket and purchased a ticket to Revelations at St Mary’s Church Ashford where I was treated to an evening of music from The Fay Hallam Group and their support.

I have had the pleasure of many a great evening at Revelations and usually the protocol is for the audience to be seated quietly in rows. This I find can on occasion lead to a formal, maybe even stuffy atmosphere, but on this evening there were no chairs and the atmosphere was far from being stuffy. People chatted and mingled whilst the support acts entertained.

Simon Wells and then Matthew Wiles, both singer song writers, made the most of the churches natural acoustics, which always suits an acoustic guitar in my opinion. In between these acts local radio presenter Ben Watson kept the mood swinging by playing records of a suitable nature for the event, for example some northern soul classics. I have to admit the whole thing did feel slightly reminiscent of the old school discos we used to attend, where everyone would gather nervously at the side of the school hall waiting for those brave few to start dancing first. When Fay Hallam and her band took to the stage she beckoned everyone forward and like the brave little soldiers that we were, as one the audience obeyed.

Ashamedly, I had never heard of Fay Hallam before , but not knowing an artist has never put me of going to a reasonably priced event and again I was not disappointed. Organ driven soul was on the menu that evening and it tasted good. Washed down with a few Curious IPAs the night was I belter and one I would definitely recommend if The Fay Hallam Group were to return.

For more information on future events at Revelation, you can either visit their web site or follow them on Facebook.


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