Lark In The Park.

2019’s Ashford’s Festival in the Park has well and truly thrown down the gauntlet to the rest of Ashford’s festivals. This weekend long event was epic!

In the past I have accused the line up of this event to be slightly repetitive, but this year’s line up properly poo pooed this statement. This year’s festival line up was open to the old festival favorites and new comers young and old.

It’s opportunities like this that gives bands the chance to learn their trade and should be nothing but applauded for it. The students from Right Track Music School were also given the chance to perform what they have learned in front of a festival crowd. This was the epitome of a local festival and I loved it.

Three nights of local music, local vendors and local community. More next year please.

Listen to AMAC Podcast Show 26 for full review.


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