My, My, My Corona!

So here we are. 2020 and crazy is not the word. The world is in chaos and you can’t even get hold of any loo roll to clean up the mess.

Needless to say, you all know I’m referring to the dreaded Covid-19. This gift to the world has resulted in a total social shut down. Restaurants, bars and clubs are now closed and all of the annual festivals that we all enjoy, such as Create and Ashford’s Festival in the Park have been cancelled.

Perspective, please people. This is a blip, a terrible bump in the road that us, as a society, must get over and we will. Until then I urge. No beg you, to show some compassion and social grace. Do as you are advised, think of and help others and we will be back and rockin' in no time.

Please keep on following and supporting your favorite bands on social media and we will let you know when you can enjoy them live once more. Until then, stay safe and look after each other.



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