Smashed It At The Glass House!

17th May saw the second of the AMAC Originals nights at the Glass House Ashford.

These evenings are a free event designed to give local bands the opportunity to perform in front an eager crowd in the town center on a non- school night.

AMAC Take Two was, like its predecessor, a resounding success.

First on stage was Matt Carr , a young singer song writer from Gillingham. Although nerves were quite clear at the beginning, Matt delivered a set of gently performed songs to an appreciative audience.

Next up was Grapefruit a five piece alternative rock band whose members are from all over Kent. From what was seen on that Friday evening in the Glass House, this band has a promising future ahead of them. Well crafted songs held together by an incredibly competent rhythm section, allowing the lead guitarist to cut through and drive each piece of music forward, creating an atmospheric bed for the modern styled vocals to effortlessly rest. This is a band to keep an eye out for.

Rounding of the evening was the ever energetic B-Squad. This was proper old school stick it to the man rock. Song after song of foot stomping, bass pounding and rip roaring guitar solos, this was not a set for the faint hearted. Thuggish vocals and anti-establishment lyrics, this was reminiscent of early punk and it was great.

A night of varied music styles was what was on offer to a packed Glass House and it was more than welcomed.

All that I have left to say is, bring on Take Three!


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