We've Got It Made Inn Ashford!!!

Continuing our run down of places to go to for a musical night out, we come to Made Inn. This wonderfully friendly establishment is one that should defiantly be on the list of places to visit.

Situated in what was once Ashford Music shop, this micro pub has brought as much music to Ashford as this building did in its original incarnation.

Serving local ale and food, but most importantly, it has become the home of Ashford’s acoustic local talent and its appreciators. This cozy home from home drinkery is a must for anyone who likes drink, music and chat. With a walled garden out the back with the live music pipe outside to it, this venue will suite come rain or shine.

Give it a visit, for like me, you’ll be made up that you did.

For more information on Made Inn, check them out on Facebook.


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