What A Load Of Baubles!

Too often I hear the comment, “Ashford never puts anything on” from its locals. Well, I challenge this comment and will alter it to, “The locals of Ashford never attend the events that Ashford puts on.”

Every year The Create festival evolves in to something bigger and better, now lasting over a week. With activities occurring in the town, with a lot of the bars, restaurants and retailers taking part as well. Ashford’s Festival in the park has also gone from strength to strength. Projections of the history of Ashford towering across the landscape from the side of International House. Sausage festivals in Victoria Park. The list goes on and on.

The evening of 14th December saw the first Carnival Of The Baubles in Ashford. Starting down at The Picture House, with food stalls, live music and a party atmosphere. Where the local schools paraded through the high street with handmade lanterns and other illuminated artifacts. Drummers, dancers and a musical Robot, naturally. Culminating with a visit from the big man himself, Father Christmas, aboard a beautifully crafted green elephant. Accompanied by fireworks and streamers. It was brilliant to see the town busy and vibrant.

My only negative point from the event was, that I thought that more people could have attended this wonderful affair. As with all of the events I have mentioned. They are supported, but boy do they deserve more bums on seats.

So next time you hear about something occurring in and around Ashford, don’t just shrug your shoulders with a “that sounds alright” expression on your face. Go see for your self that you live in a vibrant, multicultural town and love it.


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