What is Music?

Music. What is it?

We’ve had a whole year to consider what music really is to us.

We’ve had a whole year to sit down by ourselves, and with the aid of modern technology, discover new music and rediscover old favourites we’ve not heard for years.

We’ve had a whole year to sit down by ourselves and create new music. Be it a whole song or an uplifting riff just begging for some lyrics to raze us out of the gloom.

At looking at what I had just written, the answer revealed itself to me.

When we discover a new song, the first thing we do is to ask our likeminded friends if they’ve heard it, and if not , WHY NOT!

When we rediscover a song that we’d last listen to with our mates up in their bedroom, whilst wafting cigarette smoke out of the window, you are instantly filled with warm memories of friendship.

Again, all you want to do is let your friends, bandmates and family hear what you’ve come up with, when you have created a new tune.

People. That’s what music is.

Yes, its fantastic to dwell on your own in a melody, but so much more can be found in sharing it. Be it with friends or a complete stranger you happen to be standing next to in a field, that just happens to love that song as much as you do.

Community. Music can bring us all together, from all walks of life and soon we will again gather and share the experience that is music.

Lets be careful though. Take our time and help music thrive again.

Support the local venues. Support the local bands and artists and bring your friends.

This is what AMAC has and will always be about. Not financial gain, but growth in community and experiences. We have made some great friends since we formed and are always on the lookout for more.

So join the community and love Ashford’s music safely.


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