Where it all began

Quaid are an Ashford based band the originates from a band called Revolver, that was formed back in 2016. At the end of 2017 after several line up changes over the years the remaining member decided to call it time on Revolver and move on to a new venture which is now know as Quaid. The band write, record and perform original material, but also may dabble with the odd cover and do it in their own unique style.


Revolver @ The Down Town Diner August 2008


The Original Revolver line up was. Pete Page - Drums, Richard Tappenden - vocals & guitars, James Town - Guitar, Adam Ingleton - Guitar & Jason Pentland Guitar. After about a year James left the band to join the circus and then within a month Emma Page joined as a vocalist. James leaving the band was a big loss as between him and Rich they wrote the music, but every cloud has a silver linning and the introduction of Emma changed the dynamic and sound of the band. her soul style vocals calmed the aggressive guitar sounds and Revolver were truly born.


The Band took the decision in 2016 to call time on Revolver and now look to focus on opening up the boundaries of creativity, but also to focus on writing and recording new original material. The current band line is Richard Tappenden - Vocals and Guitar, Adam Ingleton - Guitar and Jason Pentland - Bass Guitar.