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Welcome to the homepage of The Mighty Pye

The Mighty Pye were formed in 2017 with the idea of bringing something different to the local music scene, something the members had a passion for and something no one else was doing. Founder members Adam and Bryn had a vision of wanting to go back to doing something that hadn't been done since the early to mid seventies creating an album which told a story through music. Bands like The who and Pink Floyd were masters at this along with many prog rock bands, the band like to call this a concept album.

The Pye blend many styles of music from classic rock, indie, Folk, Progressive, Electronic to name just a few. There are no boundaries or limits in what they want to achieve, allowing the band to have freedom of expression and can experiment with different styles and technics.  

So what about the band themselves, The Mighty Pye are from Ashford in Kent and have gone through a few changes in line-up until they settled on todays current line-up which is:

Drums - Steve Peverley

Bass Guitar - Bryn Whiting

Rhythm Guitar - Adam Ingleton

Lead Guitar - Andy Dixon

Keyboards and Narration - Roger "Casio Kid"Maimi


vocals - Mark Hall

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The Mighty Pye are currently busy in the studio writing their debut album The Rum Runners, which will be sometime away before completed. They will though be playing a small part of the album at The Glass House in Ashford on 15th February 2019 at the AMAC Originals night.

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Picture courtesy of AMAC Records 2019